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Are you ready to make a knitting hat in under 4 hours? Yes I do!!

What you need:

- Jumbo yarn that suitable for 16mm knitting needle. This sample using 1 ball of Red Heart Grande.
- Needle: 16mm DPN set of four. I using 2 pairs of DPN Poyeng 16mm.

Additional materials:
- Big Faux Fur Pom-pom
- Tapestry needle or crochet hook for finishing purpose.

- CO= cast on
- K= Knit
- P= Purl
- K2Tog= Knit 2 stitches together
- sts= stitches
- stockinette= K all from right side, P all from wrong side

Gauge : 5.5 sts/9 rows = 10 cm
yardage: 35 - 40 meters

CO = 28 sts, work in round.
[K1,P1] repeat this pattern until you got 9 rounds.

change into K all - repeat until you got 9 rounds stockinette.

Decrease =
Round 1: [K2, K2Tog] repeat - 21 sts
Round 2: K all
Round 3: [K1, K2Tog] repeat - 14 sts
Round 4: K all
Round 5: [K2Tog] repeat - 7 sts
cut yarn, pull through the remaining stitches, fasten off

Finishing =
neat all lose strand into the inside of hat.
attach the faux fur pom-pom to the top of hat.
DONE!! ^ ^

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