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This time, we have a lovely girl who so kindly will share a free knitting pattern to all other knitters! her name is Wina.

Material :
- 2 skeins bulky yarns.
- 1 circular needle 40 cm size 6mm.
- 1 set double pointed needles size 6 mm.
- 1 stitch holder.
- 1 stitch marker.
- 1 tapestry needle

Size :
Adult (Approximately 20 inch in circumference)

Abbreviation :
K : Knit
P : Purl
SSK : Slip 1 stitch, knit the next stitch, pass the slip stitch over the knitted stitch.
K2TOG : Knit 2 stitches together

Body :
- Cast on : 74 (Work in round)
- K1 P1 (Ribbing) till end of row. Repeat this row untill the ribs measures 3 inches.
- Knit untill end. Repeat this row till the body meassures 8.5 inchi from the top of the ribs. (11.5 inchi from bottom.)

Bunny Ear 1 :
- Slip 1st-16th and 59th-74th stitch into DPN set (32 stitches). Leave 42 other stitches in circular needle or put into the holder.
- Work this 32 stitches in round. Knit 23 rounds or untill the ear measures 5 inchi.
- K1 ssk K10 K2tog K2 ssk K10 K2tog K1 (Remaining : 28 stitches)
- Knit.
- K1 ssk K8 K2tog K2 ssk K8 K2tog K1 (Rem : 24 stitches)
- Knit.
- K1 ssk K6 K2tog K2 ssk K6 K2tog K1 (Rem: 20 stitches)
- Knit.
- K1 ssk K4 K2tog K2 ssk K4 K2tog K1 (Rem : 16 stitches)
- K1 ssk K2 K2tog K2 ssk K2 K2tog K1 (Rem : 12 stitches)
- K1 ssk K2tog K2 ssk K2tog K1 (Rem : 8 stitches)
- ssk K2tog ssk K2tog (Rem : 4 stitches)
- fasten off.

Bunny Ear 2 :
Slip 22th-53th stitch into DPN set. Work as the Bunny Ear 1.

There will be a gap in the top of the hat between the ears. With the wrong side facing you, sew the remaining 10 stitches with Three Needles Bind Off technique.
note: One of our knitter friend already try this pattern and change the size into baby size, by change the needle into 4 mm (US 6) and use light worsted weight yarn.
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