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Ready for cuteness overload?? XD

Made by Poyeng and crew, with skill, love, and patience, and just one of a kind.
Hope you love it, like us enjoy the process . :)

psstt... harga rajutan ini sudah didiskon lho, karena jika kamu pesan custom, harganya akan lebih mahal dari yang ready stok ;)


14.02.B-The Kids sweater

material = soft acylic + zipper
size = toodler
dimensions = 50 height x 88 cm bust
Made by talented miss Tiwi…

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14.12.B-Baby pants : ten buttoned Green

material = soft acrylic
size = up to 12 months
dimensions = 47cm total length x 50 cm around buttoned.
Made by talented…

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14.15.H: tri color bulky hat<br><font color="red">Best Value!</font>

material = soft polyester
size = children or small adult head
dimensions = 40cm around x 19 cm height
Made by talented miss…

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14.16.H: red star bulky hat<br><font color="red">Best Value!</font>

material = soft polyester
size = children or small adult head
dimensions = 40 cm ariund x 18 cm height
Made by talented…

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15.02.B-Baby set : Poyeng's vest & hat

material = Soft acrylic
size = 6-12 months baby
dimensions = vest : 52cm bust x 31cm long; hat = 34cm around…

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15.03.B-baby pants : brown with suspender

material = Soft acrylic
size = up to 6 months years old baby
dimensions = 26,5cm height x 46cm waist around
Made by…

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15.06.B: Baby Cabled Jacket

Material: Soft acrylic
Dimensi: Lingkar dada 58 cm, panjang 27 cm, Lengan 30 cm dari pundak
Size: around 1 year.
For baby boy


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15.08.B: Hairish Rasta Baby Hat

material = soft acrylic (hair: local acrylic)
size = up to 12 months
dimensions = lingkar kepala 40 cm, tinggi topi 17…

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16.01.B: Yoda Baby Hat

Dimensi: Lingkar kepala: 42cm, tinggi topi tanpa earflap: 16cm
untuk baby up to 12 months. Unisex
Material: Soft acrylic

Topi ini adalah hasil…

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16.02.B: Blue Baby Dress

Dimensi: Lingkar dada 70cm, Panjang dress 36.5cm, Panjang lengan 24.5cm, lingkar lengan 24cm.
Material: Soft acrylic+lace. For baby girl

Baby dress ini…

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17.02.B: Giraffe Baby Hat and pants

Hat= lingkar kepala 40cm, tinggi 14.5cm
pants= lingkar 37cm, tinggi 18cm
Material: soft acrylic (+katun untuk bagian tanduk)
size: baby below 12 months.…

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17.04.B: Hat and Booties Baby set - For Him

Hat= lingkar 35cm, tinggi 14 cm
booties= panjang dari ujung ke ujung 8.5cm
size: under 6 months. For baby boy.
Material: Soft…

Stok tersedia: 1
17.05.B: Soft Baby Booties

Setiap booties hanya ada satu dan tidak akan direproduksi lagi.
Material: benang handuk ply kecil.
keterangan panjang dari ujung depan ke tumit:…

Stok tersedia: 6
17.06.B: Leafy Baby Hat

Dimensi: lingkar kepala 36cm, tinggi 16cm
Size: under 6 months. Unisex
Material: cotton.…

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17.08.B: Simple Classic Baby Hat

Dimensi: lingkar 38 cm, tinggi 14 cm
Material: soft acrylic+ribbon
Size: up to 6 months. Baby girl

Topi classic yang tak lekang jaman.

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17.09.B: puppy baby hat

material = soft acrylic
size = up to 12 months. Unisex
dimensions = lingkar kepala 41 cm, tinggi topi 18 cm.

Topi ini…

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17.10.B: Red Heart Dress

Material: Red Heart Anne Geddes - acrylic nilon
Dimensi: panjang 45 cm, lingkar dada 30cm, lebar pundak 24cm, lebar bagian bawah…

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